Amberly Wegele

Amberly Wegele
ENG 1101
Prof. Jewell
November 2019

Muslims in China are experiencing life threatening treatment and are being tortured as a form of stripping their beliefs. This isn’t exactly new, and as Americans, we need to do what we can to shine a light on this issue for a resolution. This is a violation of human rights and it’s inhumane. The muslim community in China has been placed in detentions and are being forced to abandon their religion. They are tortured and raped on a daily basis, constantly interrogated and they’re forced to do things against their religion. This is a violation of religious rights and as Muslims, it’s necessary for them to take a stand to stop the way their brethren are being treated. And as humans, we have to stand up for everyone everywhere, what’s happening to them isn’t right and it isn’t humane, it’s a concentration camp in the making.

Muslims are being tortured in Xinjiang and no one seems to be talking about it. Muslims are being forced to abandon their religion or die in these camps. As many as one million Muslims have been detained and put into these camps that they call, “re-education camps” to forcefully get Muslims to abandon Islam. One reporter writes, “ ‘The kinds of behavior that’s now being monitored — you know, which language do you speak at home, whether you’re talking to your relatives in other countries, how often you pray … used to decide whether people should be subjected to political reeducation in these camps,’ Sophie Richardson… China’s government is using new technologies to help carry out mass punishment of an ethnic group… reports of tortue and death inside of them..” ( Taddonio, Patrice. “How China’s Government Is Using AIon Its Uighur Muslim Population”, PBS, November 21, 2019). This shows just a small dose of how Muslims are being violated in China as their privacy is being invaded and used against them. This is just the beginning, another article says, “Human rights experts estimate that 1.5 million Uighur Muslims and members of other ethnic minority groups…have been detained in Xinjiang since 2016… they were forced to memorize Chinese communist propaganda … learn Mandarin … occasionally violently interrogated or beaten.” (Feng, Emily. “ ‘Illegal Superstition’: China Jails Muslims For Practicing Islam, Relatives Say”, NPR, October 8, 2019). This shows the violence that Muslims have been faced with by the Chinnese government, they are forced to do things against their will and were beaten while detained. Another source says, “ ‘They’re really about crushing, to some degree, the Muslim culture, the Uighur culture – getting people to feel much more bonded to the Communist Party than to their own religious beliefs,’ said Wilder”. ( Simmons, Keir. “Inside Chinese camps thought to be detaining a million Muslim Uighurs”. NBC NEWS, October 4, 2019). Muslims are being tortured and detained and are being stripped of their religion in these camps and forced to join the Communist Party in China. As humans, we must stand together and stop this violation of human rights. What’s happening in these camps are inhumane and must be stopped, we need to bring awareness to this issue and put a stop to it as soon as possible. Too many lives have been lost. Now that you know about this, spread the word, help save the people in these camps.

Muslims must stand together and save one another. China is abusing Muslims and forcing them to do things against their religion and are violently forcing them to abandon Islam at all costs. One source uses a witness’ description of the punishments and says, “Punishments could be anything from being deprived of food to having one’s fingernails ripped out, or worse… Muslims were forced to eat pork…she was repeatedly raped by Chinese guards; she twice found herself pregnant and had the pregnancies forcibly terminated” (Loanes, Ellen. “medical experiments, and forced abortions: One woman describes horrors of Xinjiang concentration camps”, Business Insider, October 22, 2019). This eye-witness explains to the reporter how these muslims would be tortured and forced to do things against their religion. The women held in the camp were rapeed constantly and had unsafe abortions. This is a violation of Islam as they’re forced to eat pork, a meat that is forbiddin for Muslims to eat. These Muslims are being broken down and beaten. As Muslims, it should be your duty to protect your Muslim brothers and sisters and put an end to the vicious actions inflicted upon the Muslims in China. These types of acts shouldn’t be performed on Mulims, let alone anyone at all. Another source describes the situation these people are in and says, “There was constant screaming from there at night,’ says Sauytbay, 43. ‘Sometimes people were dumped back in class badly beaten, or with their nails torn out or blood all over their bottoms and thighs. Others never came back, so I guess they died
Human rights groups have compiled reports detailing torture, and this month activists published a map of nearly 500 camps and prisons used for detentions. US government officials allege they hold between a million and three million people… and confess ‘crimes’. ‘They would write anything that fitted the suspicions of the government. So if they were religious, for instance, they might say they had talked to their family about Allah.’ ” (Birrell, Ian. “Inside China’s concentration camps holding up to three million Muslim prisoners subjected to a regime of modernsurveillance and old-fashioned torture – as one survivor recounts how you can be executed for laughing”. Daily Mail, November 23, 2019). This evidence shows how the Chinese government has countlessly forced these Muslims that have done nothing wrong to repent for simply following their religion. This is a violation of writes and this causes Muslims to cease the spread of Islam and their belief in Allah. This goes against Islam, as it’s main focus is the belief in Allah and the spread of Islam. Muslims all over need to be prepared to put an end to this at all costs, these camps are killing off innocent people and need to be stopped for the sake of humanity.

How China’s Government Is Using AI on Its Uighur Muslim Population

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