Annotated Bibliography Reflection


For someone who started writing in this genre is one thing that you must do is state where you got all your sources from. One thing that is also important is referring to the authors names in alphabetical order. Well in mine annotated bibliography i mention how the author connects the movie to real life that is also something important to do to better your  annotated bibliography. I tend to use the word review a lot in my annotated bibliography i use that word a lot to further my writing and that the word that gets repeated frequently. For anybody who wants to write in any genre the most important thing you need is evidence to further and strengthen your annotated bibliography. things that I have learned from my annotated bibliography is how much dedication authors put into their work. They make sure that the audience understand what the movie is about and is it worth watching it. There’s still things that I want to learn what makes them different from other people and what I mean is how do people trust their opinion. And in what ways do they handle negative feedback with u satisfied audiences. What I have learned about myself as a writer is if I give myself enough time for an assignment it actually turns out better than I thought and I tend to be more creative with the words I use. My strength as a writer is being able to interpret things in my own way. The way I write and think is different from others. I usually try my best to act like i am the author to try to better understand what their message is. Even though I just got into writing and i see a lot of windows on how I can improve like changing my style of writing using different words and context to further my points and make it stronger. The best way to improve on these things is to continue to write more and seek help on how to improve there is no other way to do it than to put in the effort. This annotated bibliography shows us different ways of writing. It gets us to think of ideas and that we never think of and to combine all of it to make one main idea. It gets us to improve the way we write and it also shows us different methods we can use than what we already know.

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  1. I really agree with a lot of the points about writing a bibliography. One of the points I found important is when you mentioned “who wants to write in any genre the most important thing you need is evidence to further and strengthen your annotated bibliography”. This statement is really important because it shows that evidence is the key to writing a well developed bibliography in order to explain the author’s point.

  2. I liked how you describe going straight to the point about how to write annotated bibliography. the fact that you didn’t Write any examples about your source on your reflection inspired me to go to you annotated bibliography and read it.

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