Reflection: Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Reviews are the best way to figure out where and what is good to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In order for the authors to draw attention to their reviews, here are some trends I’ve seen in all the reviews. First, the reviews I looked over talked more in a general experience at the restaurants they’ve visited. The reviews talked about how a diverse group of people can go eat at the places, which encourages people to go. Another trend present is that the reviewers had a more formal tone. Also, the reviews I’ve read would rate the famous dishes/ drinks at the venues, to test if its name meets its wonderful taste. Lastly, the reviews express likes and dislikes of the menu and location. Reading about the different restaurants, what I’ve learned is that the experience you have in that one place will impact the restaurant’s credibility and can help or hurt it. This is why some restaurants close down and some multiply in a matter of months. Also, the restaurants need to be at their best every time of the day because they will never expect who is eating their food. Thinking about the reviewers, I wonder how in the first place they became a critic for food/ restaurants? Also, did they go to school for this profession and how do they know what is good or not by the way food tastes. Lastly, how they make a review that can be towards a specific group and/ or to the general public. 

Throughout the annotated bibliography I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person and as a writer. For one, I can be irresponsible and not backup my work, because all of my written bibliographies were lost. This made me realize that I need to start using applications like Google Docs and Microsoft, to guarantee my work being saved. Second, I realized that as a person I need to start looking for certain topics through different venues, for example, I found so many articles in the New York Times and forgot about the requirement of getting the sources from different venues. This realization helped me come to the sense of using different platforms to find what I need with opposing viewpoints or just finding something distinctive from one article from another. Another challenge I faced is timing, which is still a big problem. As a person, I find myself with a full schedule and make time for other concerns and over clutter myself in my thoughts, and tend to forget a lot. To overcome this ongoing challenge, I need to list out everything I need to do and work on the required stuff first. A strength I found out about myself as a writer, is that I get very repetitive in what I’m trying to say. So with this discovery, I used a thesaurus to use other words to make my writing seem better. This is how I overcame my challenges and my strengths.


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  1. I’ve never really thought about how important a review is until I read your piece, I found the effects of a review interesting because it’s something people either don’t care about or something people care too much about and your writing helps people understand that it’s important to not only people wanting to try things, but also the restaurants and their reputation.

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