My Reflection

The genre that I choose is Hip Hop, the source I use are articles and short stories, the 4 things in common is all the source I use are all trying to promote Hip hop, I can see that the author are all using the excited tone to promote Hip Hop. Secondly, all the stuff that I read are all talking about certain artists, such as  Jackson Wang, J. Cole, Kanye West and other famous rappers, we can also see other things that are in common, we can see that the author are all showing the coffident on them self, and they are also believing that Hip Hop was the best type of music, they tell people that hip hop are getting more and more popular every year, lastly the authors all trying to show off about the music, or them self; On the other hand, there are also some differences between each source, for example, some articles are song from one of the author, some are promoting the songs from other well known artists, some of the articles are about biography for some artist, and tells the history of Hip Hop.

Moreover, some of the things that I’ve learned from the sources I pick is that Hip Hop is a part of New York’s culture, and it spread all over the world, but in some countries it is an underground thing, I learn that all the rapper and are trying to show off, they show brave and confident, which is something that I need a lot, I also learn in order to become strong, your heart should also be strong, just like the song that Jackson Wang wrote. Lastly, there are some I still want to learn from the genre, I want to learn how to be more confident, and why the rapper are showing that they are so confident, what they have bent through their life, this is also something I need to know about my self.

As a writer, though this assignment, I learned that I have to improve my self more, I should also be more confident in myself, I need to start working harder, the sources that I pick can be stronger, and more related to the genre, I also found some of my strength, I am very good at planning my time, and planning the structure, I had a hand in everything on time, But when it comes to my weakness, there are so many things I need to work on, I have learned to communicate with others, when I did the pair editing, I have to work more on my grammar and spelling, I make a lot of mistakes when I was writing, I can also improve the sources, I can find more sources that are better than what I’ve used.

In order to enact those changes, I need to read more, some I can know how to write better, I should learn more about writing because I know my selves is a horrible writer, I should learn how to write better, and make it look more professional, working harder than the pass, and I know that these are the best way I use.

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