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My genre was based on historical movies that portray significant events in history that made a big change in a specific place or to a large population. All sources shared concepts that the directors all wanted to demonstrate to the audience. In this genre, it’s taking an historical event and bringing it into a film to help the audience visualize the event that was a big part of history which is one thing all sources had, such as visual effects to create the imagery of what actually occurred during that time. Another thing was the effort made into the scripts, all directors and writers of the films read many historical books or researched any knowledge based on the event. If there were important figures, they are studied, to bring that person alive and to show the audience what that person was like in real life. All sources wanted the films to be accurate so then the audience not only enjoy the movie but also obtain more knowledge about the event and the impact it had on others in the past. In each film, directors use characters to connect more to the event, such as creating emotional appeals, so it is easier for the audience to compare themselves to that situation because the reason to have this particular genre is to put the audience in the movie and for them to get an understanding of what it was like, whether it was something terrible that had to be changed, a political issue in which people were affected, or an event that changed the way people lived. For all the films in the beginning, it’s more of an understanding of the background and throughout the movie, the characters get into complications that they go through in their own way and the audience sees that for each event, under different circumstances, people like them had to go through situations for a long period of time.

I learned that directors study for months about a specific event before trying to start filming, and writing the script can be stressful because of all the facts within the event that have to be accurate. Even watching the movies itself, I learned more about the historical time period. Another concept of making these kinds of genres is the fact that because historical movies are usually popular, directors try to demonstrate the negativity of the event to stop history from repeating itself. If there were movies based on politics, the negativity from the movie shows the audience what had happened before and how it impacted people, and the big picture to make sure our society does not end up in the same situation again. What I would still want to learn more is how directors put everything together, from all the knowledge about the historical event and the personal issues of the characters that are well put together, I like how historical movies are thought and planned out.

From this assignment I learned about writing more of an analysis, which happened to be a little difficult because I had to take different films and provide a well thought out explanation/analysis to describe how this particular movie connects with the idea of directors wanting to put a historical event into film and to demonstrate to the audience of the impact. It was a lot of explaining that I had to connect together to form a bigger analysis, which is something I never learned in high school. My strengths would have to be planning out first, having an outline to organize my ideas and format it as well as possible. In a way, I am aware of how to write an analysis in a correct way, writing specific parts for my paper was easy for me, when I’m able to get a clear idea of what I’m writing about I am able to explain myself without having difficulty. For the movies I had to find out what the main purpose was, what the outcome of the film that the directors wanted to portray was and connect to it the whole idea of the genre, what it’s purpose was, that format I had to keep for each source was something that was not difficult. I would like to learn more about the different types of writing there is, the annotated bibliography was new to me, but it opened my mind up and helped me learn how to connect my ideas together to get my main point out. After reading comments based on my paper, rewriting or fixing any analysis from any of my sources would be a good way of growing as a writer.


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  1. I agree with what you said about movies that have a strong visual impact on audiences. Also, one of goals of learning history is that we don’t make the same mistake. I had a same problem while I was doing this assessment. I had never done it before. But since I know how to do it, I would like to learn more.

  2. What I found interesting was the fact that directors do a lot of studying, I didn’t know that they did actual studying for the movies they directed but it does make sense and I like that even though you recognized how it became difficult to analyze your choices, you. still worked on them and produced the piece that you. wrote.

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