Steve Jobs’ “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” – Speech

Steve Jobs, one of Americas most recognizable figures uses his speech at Stanford to help inspire the many students who are graduating and entering the real world. The Argument he poses is to follow their dreams and to do work that they love and find fulfilling. He uses his own experiences in life to help bolster his argument. this brings about an emotional connection between his speech and audience(Pathos) in particular when he brings up the topics of “Love & Loss” and “Death”.

His story of love was how he found the work he loved to do at a young age and is thankful for the success and the change he has brought due to his work though the loss comes in the form of him getting fired at the company he co-founded with a good friend of his. This example can ring true to many people who have dedicated their lives to the things they love only to have it taken away from them. His topic of death also comes from his own experience in the form of pancreatic cancer and how this brush with death really changed his outlook on life and how this experience with death made him do things he should have done a long time ago. He uses this to connect to the audience saying death is something inevitable and something we must all face yet we shouldn’t wait till it lingers over us to start living life as if the next day may be our last.

He also uses Ethos as the co-founder of a multi billion dollar company known as Apple to help bring his point across. He states he didn’t graduate college yet that didn’t stop him from finding work that he loved to do stating no matter the background you can find your “Purpose”.

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