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Everyone has their favorite restaurant to go eat their preferred meals at. They tell others about their favorite cuisine or platter at the specific place, but they’re opinion is way different from what others say. For example, a close family friend told my family and I about a Puerto Rican Resturant/ Night club, called Don Coqui. They are known for their fancy scenery and food.

My family and I went to test this theory out and basically taste this great food their know for. Upon arrival, I could say that it is a very fancy looking scenery. I was in awe about the setting and guessing, with a very fancy setting the food should be splendid as well. The food chooses they offered were great, but the food itself was bad. My family and I were not pleased with the food. For instance I knew my sister hated her food because she loves herself chicken tenders and the chicken tenders were VERY bad. I didn’t know it was possible to mess up chicken tenders, but they did.

After going to that Resturant, with the mindset of having a great dinner experience, it can completely back fire. Knowing that peoples opinions are influenced on a lot of aspects, the reviews can be positive because you can over look the bad. As an example, I looked up yelp reviews on the Resturant after the experience, and say that there were more positive reviews on the scenery of it. Everything in a review should be taken into account which, some of the reviews presented. Going to a place you are unfamiliar with, you should take account of different opinions from people, and go in with an open mind because no everyone have the same taste buds.

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