Opinion editorial (op-ed)

Kaufman, Kenn. “Opinion: As a birder, I see the effects of climate change every day. Now, Audubon has quantified the threat.”Los Angeles Times, https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2019-10-10/climate-change-bird-species-threatened Accessed 10 October 2019.

          The rise in global temperature is particularly notable for birdwatchers due to the direct impact warmer temperatures have on the habitable ranges for specific bird species. Kaufman uses current research from the National Audubon Society where “scientists . . . analyzed the current geographic ranges of 604 North American bird species, and modeled how those ranges would change at different levels of warming” to strengthen his argument. In presenting the argument in this manner, the author appeals to the logical correlation between increased global temperatures and the emotional investment birdwatchers have as a group of individuals regardless of varying political views with a shared passion – birds. Birds, as a focal point, appeal to hobbyists and conservationists alike. Kaufman ensures that the targeted audience is convinced, noting that with the increase in temperature swaths of bird species will no longer exist. This statement implies a correlative and fatal impact of global temperature rise, which is the destruction of entire ecosystems.

          “Survival by Degrees” which he cited, birds which lived in tropical areas can be seen in most of the state of California, and 389 North American species of birds will disappear if the temperature of the globe goes up by three degrees Celsius. Birds play a crucial role in keeping down insect populations and serving as food themselves for larger predators. Eventually, he mentioned that we can still fix this problem by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions as individuals and governments. 

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