Malcolm X- Speech

Speech is arguably the most powerful tool to convince the audience towards some particular discussion. It gives person the ability to change things within their power. It gives people a sense that they can change society for the better which leads to economic and mental growth. Speech also enables us all to develop emotional, intellectual and mental capacities within our own-selves.

Malcolm X who had a rough time becoming a literate is a great example of why speech is very important. He wanted to inspire the young black people but he faced too many difficulties due to the slackness of words in his speech which were making his speech incomplete. In his writing piece,”Learning to Read”, he stated that he would spend days reading dictionaries to improve his speaking and reading ability. Malcolm X was finally successful to give his motivational and inspirational speeches after years of struggle in the prison practicing his vocabulary to improve his speech. His speech played a big role in his life and helped him convey his ideas and thoughts perfectly.

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  1. Hamza,

    Are you interested in focusing on a specific kind of speech, or are you more interested in public speeches generally (and finding out what, if anything, they all have in common)?

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