Hip hop

Hip hop is on of my favorite genres of music. It’s been around for many years impacting society in many ways. There are all kinds of beats, rhythm , and lyrics. From jazz to pop to hip hop, the types of music people listen to and can have an impact on them. Hip hop has been promoting social and political awareness for the people of today. Rap music educated people from several different perspectives and raises many social issues. Rap helps people speak freely about their opinion or view on either political or social issues. And by speaking freely,  it causes teenagers today to become concerned and aware of the things these artist talk about. This is important because it helps bring positive change in society. Hip hop is just a naturally way for people to express themselves or to relate to. When I listen to hip hop I can feel the energy the artist bring. Either it can be sad, happy, sad and etc. For me hip hop music just calms me down and it’s just gets you in a vibe. One of my favorite hip hop artist is J Cole. The way he tells stories in his songs you can just feel his energy. One good song I like from him is called “Be free”. He talks about the death of micheal brown who had got shot by a white police officer. So he wrote the songs about how he feels and people like me feel where he’s coming from and feel the way he feel. And this is why I like his music because he just tell great stories with his lyrics. Rap music has slowly envolved into different things. It had helped people today in many  ways  meaning finding ways out of difficult situations, using the lyrics to relate to there lives and finding a meaning to them. This words help us understand  the world and it help us understand ourselfs. It’s something for us to fall back on. Even though there a lot of good things to say about hip hop ,the one special thing I can just say is that it brings people together

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