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Arnelle Martinson


Social media has been able to take away people’s social life nowadays, but as far as for me my only way of communicating how I feel is through my journal. My journal has really became my safe haven. I had gone through one of the most traumatic experience in my life. I thought I had real friends at one point in middle school, friends who are going to be supportive and not turn their backs against me. In middle school I had three friends. We started off as great and had no worries but one of the girls who seemed like the group leader of our friendship became jealous of me. She started throwing subliminals at me and the other two friends laugh along with her. Instead of being my friends like I thought they where they became my bullies.

At first, I ignored their mean comments ;I also kept my distance from them. Yet, they never stopped bothering me and making me feel like an outcast. I was upset and I decided to confront them. The confrontation did not end well. It turned into a fight and it was three against one. This fight was a traumatic experience because my hair extensions were pulled out along with my natural hair. Not only was my hair pulled out but I had no one to talk to after the altercation. I was lonely and it felt like as I walked through the hallways I felt judged and uncomfortable . My English teacher saw that I was not the same as I was before the fight and she realized I had no friends. I also used to participate in class alot but I stopped completely and I became silent. My teacher spoke with me one day after class and recommended I write everyday in my journal about how I felt and how my day went.

The journal, may have been the best thing that ever happened to me. I was able to write about how angry ,happy and miserable I was, without the feeling of being judged by anyone. I had also improve my social skills and began expressing myself more in class without fear. I never cared about those girls anymore and they were surprised that I was also able to make new friends who respected me. In the end, writing helped me express my feelings that was harbored inside my head for too long.

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