Literacy narrative

I am not a reader,writer or thinker. My whole life I have struggled in all of these criterias, as of right now I feel like I have made a mistake in some parts of my sentence. Everytime that I write I feel like i’ve misplaced commas and and sometimes I feel like my periods are not even correct. That is something that I know about myself that I am not really proud of.  When it comes down to reading I obviously know how but it is still not good enough i am not able to read fast like how I want to and sometimes get irritated learning something is complicated if you don’t put in the time and expand your horizons. And that is what I would like to do, reach those horizons and maybe someday day write a book like Harper Lee because I completely fell in love with to To Kill a Mockingbird. Well i will admit that out of all these three categories the one i’m not that bad at is as a thinker for whatever reason my teachers actually like when I participate in class. They like to hear my ideas out and sometimes be impressed  with what I have to say. Well I do think that is pretty cool for a teacher to tell a student “WOW that pretty great of what you have to say”. I guess it gives me some confidence that maybe i’m not so bad and I can improve on my weaknesses. Well as a child I grew up in Ghana until i was like nine years old. I don’t really remember learning anything when I was back in my country and i know i got most of my education in America. The teachers are completely different from the ones in america. If you misbehave or get in trouble you will be punished. And sometimes unnecessary punishments for having different colored socks.  Well even though i feel like i did not learn much in Ghana, I do admit I knew how to speak english before I got to america. I learned how to read and write and how to speak in english. When I arrived in america i was placed in the fifth grade and I didn’t really fit in with the other kids. I felt like their english was better than mine because I had an accent and they didn’t. I felt misplaced and sometimes uncomfortable to go to school. Other kids would usually laugh because I was different and act like its a sin to have an accent or talk differently. But I continued to learn and develop the way I spoke and my vocabulary. I learned quickly and by the time I reached seventh grade i was a little more confident with the way i read and spoke. But I feel like it’s still not enough that I haven’t learned anything. Maybe I don’t give myself enough credit because others will wish to know what I know. I have to start learning ways I can better myself and be efficient in these three criteria, then maybe I can be a reader writer or thinker.

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