Literacy narrative

My name is Mayy raised and born in New York with three siblings. My great grandparents are the first immigrants that have arrived in America. My grandparents admire New York even though they were raised in Virginia and originally from Egypt. Growing up with a family that enjoys reading, such as my grandfather, mother, uncles, and siblings have nothing to relate with me. I remember visiting my uncle Ashraf during wintertime, and he would hold a dictionary book skimming through and memorizing all the words written in the dictionary. All I could think of that he must be bored or crazy. Having a younger brother that also relates to uncle Ashraf, and reads a dictionary as if its a journey. Not only my brother and my uncle are obsessed with reading the dictionary, but the same as it goes with my friends and family. However, I find it easier searching the words online then opening a dictionary.

I already know that I have no interest in reading or writing. Actually, in high school, I did have an interest in reading books only when i was trying to fall asleep. All the books assignment that has been given by a teacher are boring. It either talks about history war or nonfiction stories that have nothing to relate with me. I would always feel insecure writing an essay or submitting homework during my English class. I felt embarrassed asking my bothers to edit my works due to lack of grammar. However, I would pass my English class with an Average grade, but with my math and other subjects, I would get higher score grades. Thanks to my math skills, friends that didn’t have any struggle with English class, including my brothers, I would help them with math homework.

Today, I’m a different person when it comes to writing or reading, but the same person thinks that reading the whole dictionary and memorizing it is dull. Today, writing is the only way that I can express my emotions and not able to be interrupted. Working in an environment full of women that are adults and only gossip and not able to let other people finish their sentences have diving me nuts. My Coworkers are rude and don’t give the person the chance to speak for their complete thoughts. We have decided that we would only email each other to express our opinions and to have identification. It seems that writing has been beneficial and friendly to me. I guess I have been growing and finally understanding the purpose of writing and reading.

Apparently, books are not about being forced to read them and to get good grades in class, but also to educate you in life and make you wiser about the future. Malcolm X doesn’t relate to me when he reads the dictionary but refers to people that exist in my life. When Malcolm X mentioned how writing makes him feel free even though he was in prison, definitely reflected me. Books have been a great assistance in my life. It’s the only way that I could gather all my thoughts and able to express it. Not only writing but also reading as well. I have been educating myself on reading just the way Malcolm X did. It has made me look at the world from a different perspective. It also has lightened me in life with advice.

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