Literacy Narrative

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me some story before I sleep at night. From this story, I can learn about how to communicate and make friends with the other one. After that, I found that I was interested in biology. Whenever I hear “Entomological memories” I am always unable to sleep, because I was so excited. But my mother had a lot of work, she become more and more busy. She asked me to study and read by myself. Therefore, she bought some books for me to study. When I read the first story, I couldn’t understand what the story said. I tried to find each word meaning in my dictionary. At that time, this is the best way for me to understand this story. When I was in elementary school, the teacher gave us homework we had to read and understand an article. Then, we had to talk about what the article mean during next class. If you didn’t do it, you will be punished. I was afraid that the teacher would punish me, so I asked my parents and classmates to help me with my difficulties in English. After 6 years, I graduated from elementary school, at that time I could write a simple article about 400 words.

In junior high school, I learned how to read classical Chinese. The classical Chinese is an article with thousands of years of history in China. This kind of articles is a huge problem for every students. At the same time, teachers asked me to remember of a lot of poems and classical Chinese. Students had to write from memory. We actually didn’t know why we need to do this.

My first year high school was in China, we began to learn some basic English. We had to remember different words meaning in Chinese and some basic grammar. When I first read English article I found it a lot different between Chinese grammar and English grammar. Translation and understanding each English words meaning is the most important thing. During the break, I asked my English teacher:” Can you communicate with foreigners?” She said ” Of course !” I was confused onto how she spoke good English and never went to the other country. I failed my English exam, because I didn’t understand the article. I asked my teacher ” How can I strengthen my reading ability?” she said ” You can try to see some English movies without Chinese subtitles, just focus on what they are talking about.

when I enter the United States the police ask me to do something. But I couldn’t understand. So I needed to rely on translation to communicate with him. In this case, I knew I would face a lot of difficult things in my study. As I expected, in my first ESL class I want to go to bathroom, but I just know the word “bathroom” and I don’t know how to organize words to make it become a sentence. I said “Ms  bathroom !” Then my finger is pointing to the door, It means ” I want to go outside.” My teacher knew what I meant, but she didn’t allow me to go. She said ” You should say ‘ May I come to the bathroom?’, try to say!” At that time my classmates looked at me and I felt embarrassed. As time went on, I learned more English. Although as you say this is ” broken” English, but I will continue to study hard to make my English more prefect. Whether it is reading, writing or speaking.

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