Literacy narrative

when I was eight years old, I came to the USA, I’ve bent put into the school after the 3rd day as I came to the United State. I realized people around me were speaking different languages other than my home language, Moreover; that I knew that to learn English in order to communicate with the people around me, I start to work hard on practicing my Enslish every saturday with my mother, a writing the word again and again, just to make sure I will  remember the word, everyday in my primary school I tried to communicate with my classmate who is around me, my teacher wanting all their students to speak English in the class, but in third grade class the teacher don’t actually teach the student that many words, differently; in my home land China the teacher teach students many vocabs and characters, we also learn to memorize the whole story, it was more difficult than the USA, so I try my best to adapt into the class, and I have to learn words with my parents.

Today, I still remembers when my mother put me into after school program every year, and she wanted me to learn as much English as possible, I hate it very much, but when I was in the after school program, the teacher taught me a lot of words, they also help me on how  to read my homework problems, I think that this is funny because the after school program actually teach more than my school class, and they teach me a lot of things, during my first summer in USA. Furthermore, in order to improve my Englsih, my mother sent me to a summer camp, I remember that every friday the class will have a test on about 20 vocabulary words, if we make one word wrong then we have to copy it 10 times for the punishment, and this helps me alot because I try my best to memorize all the words so that I don’t have to copy the word again, and I feel very happy while getting good grades, as result; after the summer champ I am being able to communicate with people using English, but even though I can communicate I was a horrible reader and writer, I think that was because in the pass while I was learning English, differently, not all the school teachers teach like this.

Before middle school,  I never try to read the books, because it was boring while reading and I was only focus on the vocabularies, in today I am still a horrible reader, when it comes to writing I were never tried to write an essay, I never reader other peoples article and learn how to write when  I first try to write a good essay is when I was in middle school, my first English teacher taught me a lot on how to write a good essay, the funny thing is that I never know what is the structure of an essay before I entered middle school, my Enslish was very kind to all her students, she had invited some students into her morning program for some additional help on speaking, reading and writing skills, me and most of  my classmates like this teacher so much, because the way she taught us, and trying to help us, she also share some of her culture will the student, and we all like to share cultures in each other, I started to love reading books in English and my writing skills are getting better and better, as now I am able to communicate with people in English and I can write good essays, I was being able to do well when I enter high school.

 overall, the reason that I learn English is because I want to communicate with different people, my experience is that I always want myself to get better and better, so I learn, when tough I still have horrible writings, what I believe the teacher in school should make the class fun, they should make the student feel relax and enjoy while learning, in school teachers don’t actually teach students english words, and I believe that the teacher should spend more time to make new students adapt to this education environment.

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