Response to Malcolm X “Learning to Read”

I found “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X very interesting, because I gained some new knowledge about him that I never knew. Malcolm wasn’t a very good writer and wasn’t really educated and he saw his flaw when talking to Bambi and forced himself to fix that flaw, not many people can do that. Instead of just ignoring how much smarter Bambi was than him, Malcolm went to the prison library and took out books so he could learn to read, however he couldn’t understand the words and sometimes skipped pass them, but couldn’t understand what he was reading. Instead of giving up Malcolm went back to the library and got a dictionary so he can learn new words that he didn’t know. He would sit down and just read the dictionary and record the new words he was learning. And he was actually remembering the words, and the ones he couldn’t remember he went back to. It’s amazing that Malcolm spent all those years in prison become a better reader, writer and critical thinker, while most people who have a chance at education just take it for granted. I like that even after prison he continued on to read books, he says you couldn’t catch him with a 15 min break without a book in his hands.