personal experience

Cesar Cordero

 English E11



          One of my experiences with reading and writing was this one time in my english 12 class we had to write an 8 page essay about the way we think about today’s government.It was basically our final exam in that class, I remember how I felt very under pressure because if i didn’t hand it in time.All of the hard work that I did in that class wouldn’t pay off. We had to hand it in less than four days so I started researching things about today’s government and learned a lot of new things and current situations happening around that time that I was making my final exam . I started being very self aware of my capability to read and write because i was so intrigued in this passage I found on the internet .At first it was a bummer to me because I didn’t want to write that much but i learned that you must get yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes and do what  you have to do .This assignment made me open my eyes even more because you can learn new things just by reading a book or newspaper etc. Now in this day and age i like the concept of learning new things especially when it can help in future situations . I learned a wide spread of new vocabulary just by doing my assignments in english class and other classes. I remember when I handed it in, I was so happy and proud of myself that I completed my task.


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