The author Sandra Cisneros describes her struggle for being the only daughter growing up in a Mexican-American family with six brothers. Not getting along with her brothers, Cisneros spend most of her time lonely which helped¬† her become who she is now. Her father didn’t really believe in her and expected her to go to college to find a husband for her but things didnt go according to her father’s plan and he thought that her daughter wasted her time in college. Cisneros found her profession which was adding details to her work and mostly all of her writing work was for her father.¬† She always wanted to get the father’s attention but because she was the only daughter, instead of attention she would receive lack of appreciation from him. She was always looked at as a female who belongs to her husband. Sometimes her father would tell people that he got seven sons which made her feel left out. Cisneros showed that women can be successful too if they work hard to achieve their goals. In addiction, Cisneros finally gets her father’s attention by making him proud from showing a book written by her and her father actually read and enjoyed it.

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