Personal Experience

When I was 8 I came to the United State, my parent start to put me after the 3rd day I came to the United States, they want me to learn learning how to speak English and learn how to write, so they sent me into many after school programs, and I hate it very much, because at the time the only thing I want is to play, one week later I realize that I don’t have much friend in school, and I know that I have to learn English in order to communicate and make friend in school, so I start to practice more English, I still remember that every saturday my mother gives me a small quiz on vocabularies, I can only play after I pass the quiz, so I work very hard to remember the work. I copied the word many time until I remembers it, and after the test I read many comics books “like diary of a wimpy kid” by Jeff Kinney and “captain underpants” by Dav Pilky, I learn the most word from both series of books, and it was very fun to watch it, I don’t feel boring while watch it and learning English words, and the summer of 2010 I have bent put into a summer camp, in the camp we have vocabulary test every friday, this improves my English level very much, and I learn tons of word at that summer, another way I learn how to read is that I play some English word game, it also helps me a lot, these is important because as a beginner we have to remember tons of words in order to communicated with other people.

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