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To kill a Mockingbird was a book that i cherished while growing up. It left a powerful image in my head to go against odds that are trying to bring you down. Growing up I never was into reading and often skipped on reading assignments because they was dreadfully long and boring. This takes me back to 7th grade when my teacher introduced that book she gave the class a brief background about the book but of course I wasn’t paying but i did hear he say something about a white lawyer defending a black man for a crime he did not commit. I’m thankful that we started reading as a whole class because if it wasn’t for that I would have missed out on this beautiful book. After a couple days of reading in class I caught myself actually reading at home it only felt natural. I completely fell in love with that book the characters were amazing and well written. It also taught me a couple lessons one of them as i said before go against your odds and don’t judge others by the color of their skin. To kill a Mockingbird  was a book I consistently read and it allowed me to be ahead of most people in the class. I was able to participate in class and completely understood what I was supposed to do. To kill a Mockingbird is a book that really stood out to me my whole entire life and i still remember a lot of things from the book and I would very much grab that book and live those moments again.

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