Personal Experience

An experience I had in reading was being placed in a literature group. These groups were made based on ur ability to read. You were texted privately with a teacher, where you had to read an excerpt out loud and they would grade. I remember having a huge amount of anxiety and practicing so I wouldn’t look bad in front of my peers. The reading levels were ranged for Q-Z with Q being the worst. After my shaking and stuttering times I believed that I failed and I would be made fun of. From listening around I heard that being put in Q was frowned upon. After every every other student was tested each one was told their letter out loud for everyone to hear. After waiting in what felt like the longest list since my last name started with an S, I was placed in V. This was shocking to me because I felt like I “performed” very underwhelming.

After having an experience like that I had more faith in my reading and comprehension skills. This allowed me to write and read aloud stories without feeling like I was doing a horrible job. All in all, my experiences in reading paid off for me throughout all the anxiety and pressure I felt. When always having English as my lowest subject while doing well in math and science it was an experience I’ll never forget.

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