Malcolm X “Learning how to read”

I found so many interesting stuff in this story, in the story the author talks a lot about his experience in his like, he wrote tons of books, and the thing I found interesting that he wrote most his book when he was in prison, in the book the author also talks about racism, which showing that the author was a part of the civil  right movement, for example  his jail mate were thinking that him self is better than the author, because of this education,  what is interesting is that because of that the author start to read, and it make me start to much more smarter, it was a way that author sees the outside world,  also I like this read because how the way that author use the history even in his writing, for example, the author tells about the history about the war that happen between the Qing dynasty China and the British, the British win the war and force China to open in order for them to sell opium, even thought that the British are the one that make the mistake, this shows that the authors point of view about how white people think that them self are better that other types of people, they fore people to sign unequal treaty and sell drug to the people, over the author might want to tell people that book is the key to see the world, and people should be treated equally, no one is better than the other.

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