Sandra Cisneros “Only Daughter”

Reading Sandra Cisneros Only Daughter, I have realized a lot of connections and reason for what she’s been through, through out the short story. Through out her life she has been the only girl/ daughter in her family of 9. In her Mexican household she is expected to marry. She wrote about her life, also about her father expecting to gain respect and attention for what she’s doing. With all the writing and reaching/ achieving in a profession, she still fought/seeker for her fathers attention. In her story she referred to him as the “ public who is disinterested in reading.” Through out her childhood she felt erased or not seen at all because her father would explain his family’s situation as “I have 7 sons.” She said I could be a mistranslation, but deep down she felt unseen. I can relate in a sort of way because in my family, I am the oldest daughter and I have a younger sister. I would be the best in my class, get amazing grades, just to seek my parents attention and approval. With doing so, i get a “do better,” or “next time get higher,” while my sister gets a “great job,” or a “congrats.” Reading this, I get where Cisneros coming from and it is just seeking approval from your parents to have scene of self, that you’re on the right track.

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