Sandra Cisneros, “Only Daughter” Hw

This story was very interesting to me for a couple of reasons. To me when I read that her father only wanted her to look for a husband instead of an education, that surprised me because it’s completely different from today. It maybe was just her family that felt a way about young spanish girls back then. You can tell from reading this that he expected more from his sons then her. For me, my parents want my sisters and me to put education first and I know a other people that feel the same way in their families. It was really great that she got education though, that writing was kind of a passion for her. You can tell that she just wanted approval from her father and that is completely normal and when she finally got it after writing her own book, she must have felt accomplished. What I didn’t understand was why he changed his mind, obviously she wrote a book so he would be proud but before he stated that her father believed that the education she got was a waste of time. This was a short story and yet somehow I feel like she summarized her life story.

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