The First Days

My journey of acquiring my internship was a rocky but successful one.  I started by applying for several internships in April and May – I heard back from a few places, but they either flaked or did not begin until August. Desperate for a solution, I met with Professor Mason and, with his assistance, I was able to acquire an intern position with the Office of Visual Communications.

My supervisor is Professor Vargas – he has been extremely helpful and open to having me on board. I interviewed with him, after sending him a link to my online portfolio, and was hired on the spot. I was asked mainly about my experience and what I was looking to get out of my time there. We went over a few pieces in my portfolio and discussed how I would implement my skills on the job. I was grateful when he mentioned that I would be doing actual design work and not “going on coffee runs.”

I came in the next day, eager to being working on my assigned project, which is to redesign the commencement ceremony website. Below are sketches I work on for the page.

While I am a webdesigner, it is still important to always sketch things out. The adobe suite is a great tool, but it should not think for you. After a few edits this was the direction we decided to go:


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