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This semester I was lucky enough to work with City Tech’s Visual communications office,  located at 16 Court St. This office is affiliated with The City University of New York, therefore it is considered a public company. This office is responsible for all City Tech’s printed and digital design ephemera. I’m working closely with those in charge of the school’s website and designed materials. 

Their client is the school itself and each of their respective departments. When asked, they accurately describe themselves as the school’s in-house design studio. There are no recent news articles but here is a link to the schools website:

That website was hand coded by this office for the school. It uses a custom content management system (CMS), and links you to important information. They are also responsible for updating and creating all of its content. 

This second link is to the commencement ceremony page: They have entrusted me with it’s redesign so that the recent alumni have a space to see all of their photos, videos, and have a way to keep in touch. This project will take up most of time with them, as I am both designing and coding it. All in all, I am grateful to have to opportunity to work with this department and am excited to see how I will grow.

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