Blog 8 Ethics

The readings I read on ethics and copyright were interesting and as a designer made me more aware of ethics. I have used images from other artists and credited them. I have also used images from Unplashed, a site where one can get free licensed images.Through an interesting part in the readings is in the AIGA Standards of Professional Practice, under The Designer’s Responsibility to the Public. Especially now in days where misinformation is rampant, I think this is important to take note one. As designers we should be responsible if there is misinformation or even how certain people are portrayed. The point in design is to communicate to the audience, and our design can affect the public therefore having a fair and balanced design is encouraged.

In the case of the Fairey Copyright Hope poster case, Fairey Hope poster should fall under fair use since it is transformative work however he did not do any favors by not being honest in the first place. His ethics during the case was not ideal. When it came to the case he should have been honest in where he got his reference photo in the first place. I am glad that a settlement has been reached but as a designer and a fan of artists and artworks it is worrying thinking of what the courts may have chosen. On one hand I somewhat understand AP since the photo used for reference came from them, but on the other Fairey work is transformative. From the case the original photo did not have any meaning politically speaking. The perspective used is one commonly used for many presidents beforehand. It was a clean classic headshot. AP argued that there was no transformation done. Though in my opinion there is since according to AP policies and Garcia the intent of the photo was not politically motivated. Meanwhile, Fairey is and it seems he did a lot of retouching and changes to emphasize his point. This case was interesting since it is important to give credit but artists should be able have the right to create transformative works. This reminds me of parody and reaction videos done on Youtube that sometimes get involved in cases. It definitely is a blurry line and is an important discussion to make.