Interview (Video Project)

This is a 2 minute and 30 second interview of me as the Interviewer interviewing Alicia Persaud about herself, hobbbies that she’s passionated about and her future goals after college.

Interviewer: Joseph Cuzo

Interviewee: Alicia Persaud

The Questions that where used during the making of this interview

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. What is your greatest strength?
  3. What’s your biggest accomplishment?
  4. How do you handle stress and pressure?
  5. How do you measure success?
  6. What are you passionate about?
  7. What’s your goals for the future?
  8. What do you find are the most difficult decision to make?
  9. Are you willing to travel?
  10. Discuss your educational background?
  11. Would you work for holidays?
  12. Biggest failures?

Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

Throughout my visit at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum with the class, I have to say but visiting the museum have satisfy me a lot with these amazing works that were being showcase in the exhibit, from many talented artists to show off the hard work they have created from the past to present. There’s so much to look around in the museum and a lot to learn to get a better understanding of these creations from concept to final design. There’s a lot to look around and see that caught my eyes, so far there’s a few that really caught me to talk about.

One of the work that caught my interest was visiting the top floor of the museum that was showcasing three tables that are video game themed, with the picture of the iconic Super Mario on the wall representing the quality from low to high resolution for these tables. What surprised me about these tables is that they’re being represented from low to high quality by using silver cubes that were used for making these tables when you look closely. What’s amazing is that when you look at the two other tables, you can clearly see that the quality of them are getting much clearer, sharper, and much easier to see of what they’re showing on each angle, that’s because they use smaller cubes for each table to represent the smaller the pixel, the higher the quality they get.

One of my second interest at the same floor is looking through a row of chairs that each have a unique design that were being show case, and the wall representing the outline of how these chairs were made. What interest me about these chairs is that each of them have the same shape, but the materials that were using to make them is what caught my eyes, such as one was made by real wood in a jigsaw puzzle style, another in a steel material in a wavy style, another in a plastic material with a black and white tone from top to bottom, and a few others that just look very appealing.

Lastly, the third work that was show case in the exhibit that caught my eyes would be the dresses in the bottom floor. From the looks of them, they may look like regular dresses, but if you look closely of the material that were being use to make these dresses is very different, and it isn’t any fabric or wool material that all clothes are made of, these dresses however are made up of recycled plastic materials. What surprised me is how well detailed the dress is according to the shape that can wrap around an actual person, the feel the material gives to resemble how clothes feels, and the way how its design looks like a typical dress from top to bottom but made in a plastic material.