The Field Trip to the Nassau County Museum of Art Report

Question:How can you tell the picture is moving?

My Report:

You can tell it’s a moving picture by the way the objects stretches  and if you put it into motion it can reveal an animation. Since it’s not an animation you can focus on the key aspects based onv angles and the focus of image, the focus is placed in the center caturing eveying entirely.  You can also compare it to real life expirences when water is shot up and sprays it goes everywhere indiscriminately as is done in the image.

Video Project

When working on this project I had a difficulty on choosing what I wanted to work on. It tool a while but I finally came to a conclusion. Character Design, something I do very often on the Discord app. The thing about character design is when you are trying to make them unique you must give them flaws, give a reason they are who are they are. They can be relatable to things that go on in real life. Something the readers can connect to and see themselves in the character’s shoes. Prime example a character like Frost with immense trust issues and uses being cold-hearted to avoid more pain. In real life stuff like betrayal from someone close can shift a person’s mindset on life. You also want to avoid making them one-dimensional person or a one-dimensional situation. The reason being is because everyone seeing things from their own perspective. Everyone is a hero in their story which may be different for other characters to understand but it shows that the character is mature enough to hear and understand another’s point of view so they can learn from their mistakes or forgive someone.

I wasn’t always as good I had to work my way up, through practice. Discord and ping was really helpful because I got to have multiple experiences with writing characters differently.

Visually Enhanced Quotes

I chose this image because I believe the quote related to African American struggles and how they are wrongfully imprisoned and how they are in cages and imprisoned just like the slavery ages. This represents breaking from said struggles and acquiring freedom. Actual freedom and not the false pretenses that African Americans receive by people saying the understand yet ignore the issue. This represents true freedom, understanding there is struggles, problems and looking towards solving them.
This image represent freedom and peace. As birds are commonly used as freedom, this appeals to that standard as the bird spread it’s wings out and flies to where it wants. This reflects life because when people are free it’s like weight finally falling off your shoulder, your not told what to do, your not bothered nor clinging towards materialism and that you can find true peace.
This image is a representation of fighting for freedom, as people in the past they were beaten as they fought to have their rights via non-violent protest or rioting against oppressors. This is an example of hand with cuts and bruises from said fight. The quote Freedom isn’t given it’s won heavily applies to that.