Project III: Script and thumbnails

Shot list:

1. A young man dressed in hipster fashion wearing a pair of Dr. Martens boots shown what’s visualized as him walking from London, UK to the United States.

(Low angle/close up)

2. The young man is taking a Brooklyn bound train packed with people. The camera tilts down and the camera stays on the man’s boots.

(Low angle/close up)

3. He gets off at the Bedford Avenue stop; as he is walking in the station he encounters a woman and they both are instantly drawn to one another.

(Two Shot/medium shot).

4. The couple is seen acting silly, running and jumping down the sidewalk.

(High angle)

5. The couple is snuggled together on a railing in McCarran Park.

(Two shot/medium shot)

6. The camera tilts down and stays in place on their feet and the audience sees that they are both wearing a pair of Dr. Martens boots.

(Low angle/close up)



Project III: the Television Commercial Storyboard

Client Brief


Dr. Martens (boots)

Target audience:

  • Women and Men
  •  Ages 18-30
  • People considered “artsy”: Whether if they are students, freelancers, or have an everyday blue collar job.


Stylish shaped boot made of genuine leather with an air cushioned sole.


Once broken in it makes for a durable and unrivaled comfortable boot for extended wear time.

Where the ad will play?

The ad will play on channels such as MTV, Fuse, Vh1 and ads ran on YouTube videos.


It will be young and fashionable. The fashion will be leaned more towards those who are a part of the subculture and those who do not obsess over how they are dressed like hipsters, artists, and construction workers.


  • The Timberland Company
  • Skechers U.S.A., Inc.
  • C&J Clark International Ltd.


A young man considered a hipster decides to take a trip to the United States from London.  Just as most tourists that visit here, he takes the subway as a mode of transportation.  He meets a young woman and they both have the “love at first sight” feeling.  The two then goes out on a spontaneous date through the streets of Williamsburg.  The remainder of the date is spent in McCarran Park.  The audience sees that both are wearing a pair of Dr. Martens boots.



Project 2: assignment 6-b


This picture is very suspenseful in many ways.  First, the slight high angle makes the picture very visually dynamic. Next, the contrast between the black and gray areas sets the mood perfectly, it is very alarming. Last, it is interesting that the director decided to show the figure in a close up through the person’s POV through the shower water; it leaves a lot to the imagination and allows you to clearly guess whats going to happen next.