Research Projects

November 2017: Presentation on Palatal Torus, Mandibular Tori, and Exostosis

jebun chowdhury anatomy oral presentation

December 2018: Oral Pathology Research Paper: Nicotine Stomatitis

This paper includes a brief explanation of the disease and/or lesion, its etiology, clinical presentation, the demographics, lab tests or radiographs, treatment available, prognosis with and without treatment, a differential diagnosis, and why this topic is relevant to a Dental Hygienist.



December 2018: Pharmacology Research Paper : SouthWest Region of the U.S.

This paper includes the drugs of high addiction in the SouthWest Region of the U.S., an impact story of just how this addiction crisis impacted a persons life, and how these drugs can impact a Dental Hygienist working in this area of the World.


jebun chowdhury pharmacology paper