Professional Experiences

Spring Wellness Fair 2018

In DEN 1200 Lourys (right), Choa (left), and I did our research project on the Impact of E-Cigarettes. It was a new topic for us all and doing research on it provided information we had not known previously. There are both positive and negative impacts from this alternative to traditional cigarettes on the oral cavity. It can help reduce plaque and bleeding, but can also cause teeth to break or crack and pain. After doing so, we were able to present our findings at NYCCT Spring Wellness Fair to the entire student body as well as faculty there. Although this topic is not new, more research needs to be done to obtain all possible outcomes from this use.


Greater New York Dental Meeting 2018 November


Since 2017, I have attended the Greater New York Dental meeting the being a student at NYCCT Dental Hygiene program. I am grateful that not only were my fellow classmates and I able to attend, but in 2018 we were able to participate in the events. Our class was split into different groups, where I was placed into the cheerleaders group presenting on proper nutrition. This was truly a wonderful experience of getting to educate young children on nutrition and oral hygiene all through song format. One of our Favorite songs to cheer was created with the help of Professor Ochiogrosso and was “To the East, to the West, Brushing is the best!”. We then showed pictures of healthy and unhealthy foods and asked the students to show us what category it went into. Through that we explained the effects these food have on teeth. This experience was very rewarding because my group and I made a difference in the lives of these children by differentiating the benefits and disadvantages food has on teeth.

Jebun Chowdhury GNYDM

Journals From DEN1200 based on clinical experiences:
jebun chowdhury DEN1200 journal 3

jebun chowdhury DEN1200 journal 2