Community Service

SERVICE LEARNING PROJECT- U.S. Army Recruiting Station in Brooklyn, NY February 2019

My classmates, Lourys, Kenia, Saja and I went to an army recruiting station to educate prospective soldiers on the importance of good oral hygiene. We explained  how oral hygiene affects these prospective soldiers as a population and how any oral complications can directly affect their possibility to serve for our country. We used a mouth model to interactively teach these army recruits the proper methods of brushing, flossing and rinsing. In addition to that, we used a poster board with images showing these processes step by step and handed out brochures with this information as well. To further aid in expressing our information, we gave out some samples to the army recruits to help with the implementation and motivation for proper oral hygiene. In my point of view, I believe our presentation made a great impact. There is not much known to recruits about  how much proper oral hygiene can affect their overall ability to serve. Through our presentation now the center has more knowledge on what to ask/look out for in order to prevent dental related emergencies when recruiting new members. Below is the brochure that was handed as well as an essay written for our Public Health class in regards to this experience.

Army-Hygiene paper
public health brochure

League Education and Treatment Center- Give Kids a Smile. February 2019,  Clermont Avenue Brooklyn, NY 

New York City College of Technology’s  Dental Hygiene program was grateful to be given the opportunity to participate in the Give Kids A Smile event at a school for children with psychiatric and developmental disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. We were pleased to have been able to screen the children and record data about their oral health. We also noted if there was an appearance of Early Childhood Caries  present and taught them brushing. Although some of the students were non verbal they each had their own way of communicating and making their feelings known to us all. Overall, we felt fortunate to have been given the chance to work with these beautiful children and gain this wonderful experience.

HEAD START EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM- Glenwood, NY March 2019 For Public Health

This past March, my fellow classmates and I were given the opportunity to volunteer at a Head Start Program for Pre-K children from low-income families. We were able to educate these children on the proper methods of brushing and the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene. Along with that, we taught them what foods were nutritional to eat and the importance of healthy teeth. Through first presenting them with the Oral-B® “Genna the Giraffe” video, it was a great way to ease the kids on what we would be discussing and sharing with them afterwards.

Headstart paper:  headstart


Glenwood Head Start Fluoride Varnish Program- April 2019 for Public Health


In April 2019, my class participated in an event at a Head Start Program school for children of low-income families. This school is located in Glenwood, where we visited twice with Professor Lam.  We screened all children with consent for prior decay, any present decay in the oral cavity, and determined the urgency of care each child required based off our visual findings. After this screening, we applied 5% sodium fluoride varnish to these children and explained to them the benefits this has for them. This Varnish came after we introduced to them to the topic of Dental Hygiene care previously during the educational visit. Through tell, show, do we were able to provide these children with information and hands on experience of proper brushing and protecting their oral cavity.