Academics/ Achievements

First Impression



Local Anesthesia

Lips of various people put together in collage form to create large Hygienic Smile

First Rubber dam sealant


2017-2019 New York City College of Technology (Dental Hygiene Program)

2010-2015 Hunter College and Queens College for

                       Bachelors of Arts in Sociology degree

Achievements/ Licensing

  • New York State License in Dental Hygiene (2019)
  • New York State Local Infiltration Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide Analgesia (2019)
  • Certified in Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse Maltreatment NYC College of Technology (2019)
  • Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (2018)
  • American Red Cross: Basic Life Support for Healthcare providers in CPR and AED (renewed 2019)