My Knowledge Reflection in a Workplace

In my educational experience, I started studying Electronics in High School, where I learned the basics on how to calculate current, voltage and the type of resistances we might need in a circuit, depending on how much current and voltage are in the circuit. Also, I learned how to do calculations in series and parallels circuit, capacitor in series and in parallels, transistors, etc. In practical, I learned how to use the Digital Voltmeter (DVM), multimeter and the oscilloscope to check the output of any circuit. I graduate high school with a copper and fiber optics certificates. Then, I went to QueensBorough Community College where I got an A.A.S degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. In my associate’s degree, I learned more about Operational Amplifiers (Op-Am), Microprocessor (8088), Networking, and the basic of Robotics. Now I am studying for my Bachelor Degree in Telecommunication Engineering Technology. I have studied Switching Automata, which is using logic circuit as switches, and understanding the concept on how calculators work.

In my practical experience, I worked as a cellphone and computer technician. I have knowledge on de-soldering and soldering power buttons and charging port for Samsung Galaxy or androids. I know how to dissemble iPhone 4, 4s, 5, and 5s. Replace broken screens from iPhone, Galaxy and HTC. I know how to replace batteries, and tricks on how to fix water damage cellphones. 85% of cellphone I fixed were the ones that had water damage. This was a problem that I knew mostly how to fix with all the experience I acquired. In computers, I have skills on how to reinstalled Windows and OS X (Mac), create partition, and change internal hard drive for both Windows and OS X. I know how to purchase computer’s components such as batteries, hard drive, video card, memory (RAM), etc.

I am proficient in Microsoft Office 2011, Visual Basic Programming, C++, Robot C and the use of modern test equipment, electronic construction, and soldering. I have four years of experience doing schematic diagrams using Multisim’s software.

With all these experiences and knowledge that I acquire, my expectation for this Job is very thoughtful. I will put the best of me to gain knowledge and teach my colleagues what I know to make the Job affordable.

I acknowledge that work effort with my coworkers will be very important to have strong teamwork and produce efficiently in the company. My goal is to prove that I am worthy for this job because of what I have learned in my educational and practical experiences. I will like to educate myself further with what I can learn from this job and that this company progresses because of all my effort and work that I will accomplish.

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  1. Jose Chiriboga Alcivar Post author

    In this portfolio, I’m expressing my knowledge and education for a workplace. This document has strong features explaining What I’m good at and my skills I have gained in my past jobs and in college. The challenge I overcame was how to put these ideas together and make it look as my value propositions.

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