For IPhone 5 users: How to replace your broken screen and save money


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  • Your phone has to be completely off.
  • Remove the two pentalobe screws located at the bottom of your phone. It’s next to the charger connector.Place the suction cup onto the screen just above the home button.

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  • Place the suction cup onto the screen just above the home button.
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  •  While holding the phone down, with the other hand pull the suction cup up. With the plastic opening tool pull the phone down until you separate the screen and the chassis of the cellphone.
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  • Once the clips are released, remove the three screws located at the top next to the battery.
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Note: The red circles are magnetic screws and the yellow circle is a nonmagnetic screw.

  • Remove the metal bracket.Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 2.43.48 AM
  • Unplug the flex that are connected to the circuit board with the plastic opener tool.

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  •  Remove the screen from the phone.

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  • Remove the two screws to remove the speaker. Be careful, because the red circle is longer than the yellow one.
  • Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 2.44.22 AM With the help of the plastic opening tool, remove the front facing camera and the sensor cable.

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  • Remove the bottom screws of the screen to remove the home Button. Carefully use the plastic opening tool.

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  • Remove the metal frame located on the screen. There are two screws on each side and two screws on the shield plate.

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Note: The yellow circle is bigger than the red circle.

  • Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 2.45.55 AM Remove the plate. This plate, the home button, the speaker, and the front facing camera are needed to place it on your new screen.

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This video and website will help you for further information.

 Purpose and Benefits:
Currently, there are numerous businesses that can replace or fix your broken phone screen but they can charge a lot of money. They will charge approximately no more than $150 dollars. Searching for the prices on the Internet like Amazon or EBay, the screen of an iPhone 5 could cost approximately $25.00. If you are able to take your phone and repair it yourself, you will be saving $75 dollars. This concept can be educational and economical.

This document can help a college student earn a living. Once he is able to repair a phone, he will gain knowledge to assist users with their screen replacement. With this experience, he can apply to work as a technician or work on his own and charge less money. This document also provides videos and websites for further information.

When a new phone comes to the market, Technicians need reference for guidance. This document can also help the technicians to learn what part to dissemble and what screws need to be unscrew. In addition, the document teaches how the screws are different from each other by size and color. If you want to put all the parts together, you must read the document backwards.

Anyone can learn how to replace a broken screen for any phone. You just need time and a lot of practice. Before you start practicing, watch the videos provided in this document. Any videos related to cellphones repair can be of assistance.

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