Day in a life Video

This video is showing a day in my life. A day in my life the first thing I do is wake up and go do my morning essentials. After I always drink a cup of coffee to wake me up. Usually Monday – Thursday I am in school. Most of the time after I finish I go back home and I decide what I want to do for the day. In this video I decided to go hang out with my cousin at his apartment.

Visual Quotes

I made this ImageQuote by taking a stock image and putting type close to the ducks face that seem sad. I used Bodoni 72 Oldstyle to make it look more professional.  This is to represent the cause thats going on in the ocean and how garbage is being thrown into the ocean causing animals to be hurt.

I made this ImageQuote by taking a stock image and putting it in the background meanwhile the text is in the top and bottom of the arms and hand. I used a black background on the text to make it easier to read. This is suppose to mean that even if we don’t all make it to be what they want to be, help someone out even if its small.

I made this ImageQuote by taking a stock image of trash on a beach in the background and having some bold text towards the clouds. I used Arial black to make the text very bold enough to read and I capitalized “If” and “Do” to show how important people should clean our environment or to at least keep it clean.

Personal Logo

This is my personal logo that represents myself. My nickname is JSwaveyy and thats what people know me as. I created a ligature letter as my logo because it represents myself from the both perspective from my professional self and my personality. I connect myself with my professional life known as Joshua Cedano and my personality known as JSwaveyy thats why I made my personal logo this way.