“Conscientious Jeanie” is the brand of Jeanie Castillo. The colors of “Conscientious Jeanie” are light gray, prussian blue, and black. Chapman (2010) states that dark blues signify reliability, responsibility, and strength, grays indicate professionalism and sophistication; while black is commonly associated with power, elegance, and formality. Since Jeanie describes herself as being strong, sophisticated, mature, professional, responsible, reliable, loyal, and trustworthy, it is completely understandable why she has decided to use these colors as her brand logo.   Below are some descriptive bubbles that reflect Jeanie Castillo’s attributes. 



Jeanie wants to inspire positive changes within herself and strive to be a better and more enlightened person with each passing day. She wants to be regarded as a decent human being who did what she could to make a difference in the lives of the people around her. She hopes to move forward and begin her career as an assistant buyer and with any luck work her way up to becoming one of the top fashion buyers in the industry. Jeanie’s strong organizational skills will be a great asset when it comes to keeping a level head during stressful situations. Her ability to negotiate, which was implemented into her at a young age by her parents will be beneficial when the time comes to negotiate with fashion vendors. Her strong desire to scour fashion magazines, fashion blogs/ YouTube channels, and constant need to discover new brands provides her with the ability necessary to recognize future trends.