My name is Jenifer and I am a graphic designer majoring in Advertising design at City Tech. I’m proficient in Adobe design, Adobe illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. I decided to be a graphic designer because I’m a visual type of person and I like to communicate visually. I wanted to learn how to create my own ideas into something that I can visually present to other people. I believe that design has motivated me to see the world more into detail than ever before.

I love art, music, photography, fashion, baking and movies. I appreciate anything that is creative because creativity plays a big part in my life. I enjoy almost every aspect of design from publication design to logo design. I have dabbled with much of everything in graphic design. I see myself working in the advertising industry but also perhaps dabbling with other industries that deal with design. I’m eager to learn new skills and meet new people throughout my future career.


Jenifer Campos

ARTH 3311

I learned in class about the how we as humans began to communicate with each other. I learned about petroglyphs which are basically rock carvings. A cave painting in Somaliland, Somalia called Laas Geel. The cave painting was a way to communicate messages and relates to
today’s pictographs.

Mesopotamia developed the first writing system which was born around 310 BC sat between the Tigris and Euphrates river. The Sumerians are known for the development of the written language their type of writing was known as Cuneiform, which means wedge-shaped. Records were recorded on wet clay tablets with a stylus shaped like a wedge. The reason for this writing system was for them to keep records such as animal birth and death rates, sacrifices to the Gods, or even folktales. These people were known as scribes.

In Ancient Egypt, Ideographs are known as written characters symbolizing the idea of things. Phonograms are symbols representing vocal sound. Which all leads to Hieroglyphics or sacred carvings which were used to tell tales and everyday life. Narmer’s palette, a stone carving that tells how King Narmer united upper and lower Egypt. Code of Hammurabi was a written law of the land solidified the laws. The Book of the Dead was an ancient funerary text, that was the first to be on a papyrus scroll, to gain immortality. These texts were only allowed for Pharaohs with the belief that regular people couldn’t gain immortality

The Rosetta Stone was a huge discovery and mystery as it took scholars 20 years to understand it. The Rosetta Stone contained Hieroglyphics, Demotic, and Ancient Greek. The hieroglyphics were not as easy to translate as they were more like cuneiforms. Although it was thought that perhaps the held some secrets, the truth was that it was just another recording.

Overall, I learned the past has influenced a lot our present day. Pictographs kind of resembles logos because logos are technically like symbols that communicate an idea or concept. Cave paintings communicate through drawings that kind of tells us about the human experience of the past. Graphic design is used to communicate to other people a message or idea. Graphic design can vary from words to just simple images. All that matters is that the message speaks loud and clear to the viewer.

Spot Project

This project contained three drawings, each drawing with a certain amount of variables. The first drawing contains 3 variable; Size, distance, and direction. The second drawing contains 5 variables; Distance, proportion, interval, density, and direction. The third drawing contains 7 variables; Distance, proportion, interval, density, direction, scale, and size.