Within the short amount of time we had it seemed a bit chaotic at first because ideas weren’t popping up as fast as I wanted to be for the 2016 election. Maybe because we have the most unreliable candidates that’s not even worth brainstorming ideas for in the first place. Anyways Getting getting back to my “Get out the vote” sponsored by AIGA. My topic was solely on #blacklivesmatter mainly because we still deal with racism on a daily bases and killings of our brothers and sisters in America. I’m not saying All lives should matter because they do! But at the very moment the African American race is always at large or a target in this country. So in order for all lives to matter one race or any other race should not be treated like an outcast. My idea was to show faces of different ethnicity peeling away showing a black man at the very end. This goes to show that no matter how much you peel away there’s alway going to be a human being underneath each pigment of skin.



Final poster

” Equal not Equal”