In Conclusion

During this semester i feel like i   have grown, not just as an artist  but as  a person too. Coming into internship, I had my own self doubts regarding my skills and even personality. I always considered my self to be a shy person. And I always felt that my shyness, hindered my ability to soak up all of the knowledge around me. I let opportunities pass me by that I should have tried and reached out to grab, I also let  possible connections  slipped through my grasp.

With the help of my peers  and especially my Mentor  Professor Vargas,  I  came out of  my shell. Each project I done, I approached it  with more and  more confidence than the one before it. However in my own opinion , I still remained humble and open to learn.  I can always become a better person than my self  and currently. Though my internship is coming to and end soon, I will continue to  push my self and step  towards  and create  a reality where  i  can shine forever. Will it ever happen?…  Well that depends if i im willing to let my foot off of the gas…And I don’t see a reality in that.


Hard Work


Today I was given the opportunity  to cover a presentation by the Jewish Faculty  and Staff Association. It was titled ” 77 Years After :  Never Again Anti- and Racism” My assignment  was to photograph  the entire event as well  as the guest speakers.The  event was taking place  in the atrium auditorium. Because of the location, it was very difficult to work as a photographer  effectively.

Prior to the event I was told to  just bring my camera to work. Based on the last few times that  I was told  to  bring my camera, I brought my equipment for outside. I  wasn’t prepared to shoot  inside events. I didn’t have a flash  on my  and  the lens I had wanted suited  for what  I  needed. However I  didn’t  let  that  stopped  me from trying my very best. I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror if  I would have  let be an excuse. I have to do what I had to do, to get the shots I needed.IMG_3620

I crawled climbed under and over everything to get the shots  that I had needed. I apologized to several people for going back and forth between the aisle. I was physically draining for someone my size.However it was fun. And I definitely enjoyed the presentation and speakers. After the event I spent my time editing photos and staying prepared for the next taskIMG_3624

Friendly competition


This week  the professor  assigned to created a logo to go  for a student run News program called  #WhatsGoodCityTech. During the program Students will go around  interviewing and shedding light different  events going on in and around the College. Places such as restaurants  and student functions will serve main focus for the program. The logo was suppose to  represent the  hip and cool part of City Tech as well  as embrace to Hashtag (#) culture which exist on social  media.

As a  person who isn’t necessary  versed in Adobe illustrator, it was a new  experience  that before, I had to basically learn how to illustrator. I watched videos on the subject and basically  had to teach myself. That part wasn’t bad seeing how  kind of always  talk myself. To make sure to  logo was great, I was paired with another intern at the office. We both brainstormed tons of ideas together as well as on our own. I put my all into it. I don’t know what’s wrong with my but I  love turning things into competition. I always want to outshine someone. After a few days after starting the project, I came out with six solid well thought at designs. He had about the same

We both submitted our designs  to the professor for final approval. Out of the ten, The professor chose two of many designs. I love it when I get my way  at anything in life. I wonder which one of logos I made the professor had chosen?


My overall thought  behind the creation of the logo was to try to  the incorporate speech bubbles into the Design. The reason being because the phrase of the logo relates to   a social media form of greeting. I also wanted to  keep the  school colors.  I hate restrictions  but i also enjoy the challenge  and the thinking it encourages.

The man in the mirror


Over the course of the semester so far  and short amount of  time I been at this office, I learned some quick yet impactful life lessons. The lesson that I will  hold  on to  the longest  is realizing the strongest competition that I will ever have, will be the man in the mirror. No matter what’s going on your life or whatever you face, Being the best version of yourself  will lead to  victory. If you  tailor yourself to always  think that you can be  or do better,than you will. We all  have our own measure of success and it’s up to you determine milestone.

My biggest flaw as a person I felt, has been my lack of confidence  in myself. The second  I realized that I wanted to do better than what I’ve been doing and become a better version of myself, I feel that all my negative energy  dissipated. After which I started creating better material and my mind became a sponge for new information. I believe  constantly being in  uncomfortable situations that your not used to will push you to the level. You have to break free of your own shell and Shatter your own expectations




This week at the office has been a good one. After several schedules changes over the last couple of weeks, it will  finally time to film the Instructional videos. The students and school staff members have finally  met up  and came to get some work done. I was eager  to show professor Vargas  that all the practicing  was doing was paying off. I was able to set up  the   equipment quickly  without help. I was prepared and It felt  great.

After I had set  up the  equipment, It was time for the first  person to record and film her part. She was really nervous. When the light came on, she began to shake.While to the  professor manned the  main camera it was my job to control the light sources. I also tried to help out by trying to  make the “stars” relaxed more. I began to crack jokes and talk to them throughout the  whole filming  process. As time with  on, everything began to  feel a lot more natural. The tension that existed in the room when the camera  first  came on  no longer existed. Everyone was having fun and it was awesome . Im glad I have been a part of that. After everything was finished I asked the girl that was  clearly most nervous why she chose to be film. She smiled and  told  me that ” being  in situations that make nervous, only makes  you  grow”  Based on  everything that  I been through.. I couldn’t agree more.

city webThis is the finished product. You can watch the video  at

I must admit i was a little nervous about but i believe we overall did a good job.

Overconfident ?


My first Official Assignment had came this week. Once again I Told to bring my camera  to work. I was tasked was to develop a layout for the school article detailing the construction work going on throughout the campus. Seeing how I felt I was good at taking photos, I easily accepted the job. I Started from the Namm Building and worked my way all the way to the Voorhees building. Because The article had a large piece on the newly constructed building on Jay  street, I had to work very diligently to take photos  of it.


The task  was  surprisingly hard. Having to work around certain objects and people proved rather difficult. Seeing the quest becoming rather difficult , I began to become lazy and  started  to not put in my best work. Because of this, the quality  of my  work  wasn’t anywhere  as good   as it could have been. When I had finished my field shoot, I had to upload my work and began sketching out my layouts for the article. The copy of the work was in  good hands with me  at the job. However the layouts never seemed to  work. The pictures never worked any layout I made. Back to square one for me.


Throughout the week I took hundreds of pictures to try to work with the layouts I was creating.Trial and error was once again fueling my purpose. I threw out laziness of my worked  hard. I even worked on my off day to get  this photos. I must say I feel my hard has work paid off. I hate letting myself down as well as other people.


The start of a long journey


Well Today was my first day  at working  under Professor Vargas. The previous day  he called and told me to bring my  DSLR camera. He wanted to test me to see  how familiar I was with camera  equipment  and photography. I told him that I have  previous experience taking still photo and portraits however I haven’t had  any type of studio Videography. For the whole day we talk and explained the different part of the equipment  we have been using. I was taught how to properly  set up a green screen and tripod and many light stands. Though I had experience with this type of equipment before while doing Still Photography, setting it up to fit the need of a Videographer is a entirely different experience.


The  Reason why we Were practicing setting up the Studio is because we  was getting ready  for to film some instruction videos   for the  school’s website. We had to  help new students  were  learning how to use the  website  as well as assess their personal information from the school. I also  had to stand in front of the camera  as a test subject.   I can’t stand being In front of the camera. I must admit  it was fun  though. I can’t wait to  see how this  shoot  goes  in  a few  days.

So far I only worked one on one with the Professor. I asked him different questions about how he  got  to his position. I told him all I have going through this semester and how discouraged I was. He told me that  it wasn’t a single artist or graphic designer that never went through the same feeling once or twice  during their career. The most important thing  he told me was to keep going and that it was only the beginning. I must say I am excited.

A Glimmer of Hope


Over the course of the Week, I  feel that  my  morale has been at a   all time  low. I Still haven’t found a internship and feel that my life  in this class is going downhill  fast.However  I  been given a Glimmer   of hope by  the  Professor. She pointed in the direction of  the  a Senior designer  of the Communication  Department  of  New York City College  of Technology. His name  was  Professor  Al Vargas. at the time  I  knew  the name sounded familiar but I couldn’t out the  face to the name  that. After several calls to  his office I  was able to  reach  him and schedule and interview. Once again i  dressed for the part  and became  prepared with my  best  work.

I was shocked to  find out that  the  communication  Department and off campus compared to the other  departments in the college.It was inside on the 6th floor of a realty  group building. Business men were a plenty. I felt like I was in the wrong  place. When I was reach the office of the Communication department  I  was  relieved to see a more relaxed setting. Several  Mac  computers were littered throughout  the  cubicles in the office.

Everyone in the office greeted me with a smile. I was  told  to sit in a chair as  I awaited the professor. Not long after  I sat down, The  professor came through the  door and understood where  the sense of familiarity  came from. I had him for a class I had taken some semesters ago. He recognized me too.

Because of that  the sense of nervousness that had overcame me previously wasn’t there I confidently showed my work to the  professor and I can tell he enjoyed It. He simply told me to that  I start next week. I couldn’t have been happier .

A Slow start

Since this semester has started I have been struggling to  find and internship  that  is  willing  to fit my day  to  schedule. I have been on several  interviews with   some “guaranteed  call  backs for subsequent  interviews. However I still have yet to  land  an interview.During the previous week, I have had a interview  from  Just Salad. I  came prepare with  my trusty  sidekick “My SketchBook”  a Tablet  to showcase  my  work  and a big can monster Energy  Drink. I have just come from  working overnight  beforehand and  I  needed all of the energy that I could get.

When I  ha  gotten inside the place, I was put inside a room  with four other people. Apparently, I believe that  we were competing for the  same position. I was nervous. When it was my time for an interview, I sprung out my chair and dropped my tablet, causing  it to  reset. I couldn’t believe what  had happen. Im glad the  interviewer gave  me   extra time to  get  myself back together. After I have gotten resettled, I  presented  my  tablet and began to explain my pieces of work. As far  I can  tell , She enjoyed everything that  she saw She keep asking me questions  and I kept answering. The best part of the interview is when she  went through my sketchbook. I  can almost swear I saw her face light up as she when through  it. As the Interview had began to  close.


She  told me that  they  were  interested  and that  they  would like to employ me. I was very  excited. Finally I couldn’t believe  that I  finally found  and internship  after four weeks  of searching….seven days still  no call. I knew it  was too good to be true.