Fighting Tooth and Nail: How Jinky Discovered Her Passion for Dental Hygiene!

When I was in high school, my Theatre teacher asked me what I wanted to major in, and I was stumped. I loved so many things but couldn’t find the one thing that truly sparked my passion. It wasn’t until I looked deep within myself and thought about my childhood experiences that I realized my natural affinity for dental care. I was the family’s mini-dentist, always eager to pull loose teeth or spot cavities. Despite having already been accepted at Queens College, I took advantage of academic opportunities that their institution offered and eventually transferred to City Tech’s Dental Hygiene program. But it wasn’t an easy road – I was initially waitlisted, and I even took a Phlebotomy course to distract myself from the disappointment. At this point, I avoided my City Tech email for weeks now. However, my gut told me to check my email one last time, and to my surprise, my waitlist status was lifted. From there, I worked tirelessly to prepare for the program and officially started my journey to becoming a Dental Hygienist. Trusting my gut and believing in myself led me to where I am today.