CDMG 1111

My Bio

My Bio


My Personal Poster

This is my Personal Logo I created. It represents me because it represents what I hold the most interest in. I love designing. The bold cap letters “JB” represents my name Joseph Barrett. I also incorporated an orange background with a bit of shadows, which adds to the overall composition of the logo. I think this design is a great success. It’s simple, legible and appealing. I love designing and I believe this logo has to potential of being a company logo of mine.


My Banner


Visually Enhanced Quotes


These are my three Visually Enhanced Quotes. For starters, I think the quote is a great quote. It has a great message and that was the reason for me choosing it. I is very motivational. To enhance the quote, I wanted to find pictures that equally conveyed the message. So when selecting pictures, I basically looked for images that depicted individualism. My strongest of the three I believe is the first one. I believe that it best supports the quote, though they all work. I also tried to match text with color, as shown in the first and second example. I matched yellow text with the yellow umbrella and green and red text with the green and red matches.


Field Trip Report

The class trip to the UFT was a very exciting trip. It was certainly one of the most eye-opening trips I’ve ever been on. I got to experience and see a lot of printing machines in action and saw the way they were operated. The most intriguing thing of the trip was seeing the shirts getting printed live right in front of me. It was something I never experienced before. I always wondered how exactly types and designs were put on shirts. Getting the opportunity to witness that was certainly surreal. The next part of the trip that was interesting to me was the making of the envelopes. It was bizarre how fast the machine was moving and how much envelopes were being processed at a time. The trip to the UFT was certainly worth every moment. 


Day In My Life Video


Logo Research Project

Logo Research Revised