Logo History: Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea is an American alcoholic malt beverage that is delicious and enjoyed by many around the states. It comes in its original tea flavor, half and half with lemonade, peach, and raspberry. Those can be found in its original 12 packs of cans or bottles, as of right now they have 15 flavors in total like mango, pineapple, blueberry and more in tall cans. Twisted Tea began in 2001 by “the Boston Beer Company actually launched Twisted Tea way back in 2001. The original flavor was the brand’s take on a Southern sweet tea with a twist of lemon — though the brand has since expanded its product line” (Vinepair.com). It’s been around for quite some time but in 2020 it went viral as a man used a “tallboy” can of Twisted Tea to smack another man in the face with it after he was yelling racist slurs. From that incident that video would be shared and be made into memes talking about using Twisted Tea as a weapon. According to “Mashed.com” it states “In July 2021, Truly and Twisted Tea accounted for 84% of the total volume for Boston Beer, while the classic Sam Adams Boston Lager only made up less than 8 percent of the company’s volume” (Mashed.com). Although the brand has been around for 21 years now it has only had 1 logo change since then from the original one made in 2001 and to the one that it is currently known for and it a little more vibrant than the original one. 

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