Logo History: Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea is an American alcoholic malt beverage that is delicious and enjoyed by many around the states. It comes in its original tea flavor, half and half with lemonade, peach, and raspberry. Those can be found in its original 12 packs of cans or bottles, as of right now they have 15 flavors in total like mango, pineapple, blueberry and more in tall cans. Twisted Tea began in 2001 by “the Boston Beer Company actually launched Twisted Tea way back in 2001. The original flavor was the brand’s take on a Southern sweet tea with a twist of lemon — though the brand has since expanded its product line” (Vinepair.com). It’s been around for quite some time but in 2020 it went viral as a man used a “tallboy” can of Twisted Tea to smack another man in the face with it after he was yelling racist slurs. From that incident that video would be shared and be made into memes talking about using Twisted Tea as a weapon. According to “Mashed.com” it states “In July 2021, Truly and Twisted Tea accounted for 84% of the total volume for Boston Beer, while the classic Sam Adams Boston Lager only made up less than 8 percent of the company’s volume” (Mashed.com). Although the brand has been around for 21 years now it has only had 1 logo change since then from the original one made in 2001 and to the one that it is currently known for and it a little more vibrant than the original one. 

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UCLA Master Cover Fa Pash

I chose this UCLA master cover because I really like the picture that it shows that it is in LA. You can see the palm trees that create leading lines as it points to one direction and creates a shallow depth of field. This image inspired me to change the direction of my visual quote project to use my own image of a beautiful background or landscape and put my quote on it.


Hello my name is Joel Barbecho but I usually go by Joel Bruce as it is my stage name and how all my friends and family know me by. My dream has always been to be a touring musician as I like to travel a lot and meet new faces, also playing music or entertaining people is something that makes me feel good that their having a good time. I like all kinds of music except gospel music, my favorite artists are Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Bad Bunny, and British metal bands like Iron Maiden, Bring Me The Horizon, and Asking Alexandria. My major is Entertainment Technology and in which I focus on sound and video for live concerts/ events and television. Over the summer I did my internship working with Rooftop Films as a stagehand in loading the trucks from the shop with sound, video, lighting, and the inflatable movie screen to various locations all around the 5 boroughs. We setup sound, video, and lighting for a band or DJ then we screen a movie to an audience after, then we strike all the equipment and drive the truck back to the shop. I’m more interested in the video editing side of things as I have always have had niche for it and I want to pursue it as a career. This is my last semester and I chose this class as an elective because it seemed interesting and I want to learn more about digital marketing and logos. 

My perfect idea of happiness for me would be just going on tour just traveling everyday meeting new faces and playing music. 

My greatest fear would be losing my loved ones and dying.

Progress Report #3

April 25

In March I shot a lot of footage for the film and knew where the direction of the story was going for. I showed my technical advisor Ryoya the footage and the kinds of edits I want to do. During spring break I edited all the footage with Adam to make a rough cut to show to Ryoya. We scheduled a meeting with Ryoya for April 25 and showed him the film, he enjoyed the way we edited the footage. Although he said that the beginning was a little too long because it is 1:40 seconds long, he said the beginning should be short and straight to the point and I agreed with him. So now I have to figure out a way how to make the beginning 30-40 seconds long and keep the important details in that time frame. I didn’t realize when filming that part that it was long because I wanted the beginning to show what the audience was going to see in the film.