From the Field

1. Personally, what I found most surprising is the fact that most of their artistic work is outsourced to other studios. I can’t imagine why a game-designing studio would have some sorta in-house artist, but it sort of affirms the belief in have for new York in terms of art jobs. I’m considering moving to California.


3. Yes, as I mentioned before, the fact that studios in new York  (at least the few I’ve been to) only either outsource or get overflow work means I have to seriously consider where I’m going to seek gainful employment. As a 3d animator/modeler, maybe New York isn’t the place for me. At least if I want to work in anything other than advertising or apps.

A shot of the workspace within the studio. It seems very open, as opposed to the standard claustrophobia-inducing cubicles. Which is a plus.