Journal #08

Following up on “the robot” project, we hashed out some ideas for character concepts, or background characters to fill out the scene. A few of the designs were homages to classic robots in entertainment. Nothing exactly mind you, just similar enough to catch someone’s attention. Mike really loves his parodies and asked me to work on a model that pokes fun at the Android mascot for Android phones. I made one that’s pretty much 1:1 except for the eyes. To avoid legal issues, I made it cyclopic.

ZBrush has been a massive time saver when it comes to modeling, though I still tend to fall back on programs like Blender when it comes to hard edges. Zbrush really excels at creating organic shapes very quickly and efficiently, but I’m finding some difficulty when it comes to hard surfacing. I suppose that’ll come with time as I learn to use the program, and I certainly intend to continue with it once my internship is up.