Journal #07

This week we attended another event. Mike said he’s been thinking about how to make their robot project stand out and he feels like VR is the next big thing. So, we went to a place called VR World on 34th street. It was really cool. Yeah, I played video games at work… Living the dream! But in all seriousness, it was great being able to be so casual with my team. I really hope all animation companies are like this where I can just be myself.

I was told to pay attention to technical aspects when playing and so I did. A pattern I notice is that the games are all pretty low poly compared to your standard PS4 or Xbox One games. I guess this makes sense since they have to render the visuals twice for each eye and at 60 frames a second. That’s a pretty intense output for the computer to have to do.

Later on, during our Google Hangouts meeting, Mike showed us the completed form of this rig he’s been working on. It’s funny because he talks about how he really needs to get a someone on board to do rigging since he’s not good at it, but what he’s made looks really advanced. I can’t go into detail because of my NDA, but basically it creates computer generated positioning for the model based on locators.