Journal #05

We went through several designs, but I managed to complete the model for our Greenbuzz animation. Because of the time frame, it wasn’t my best work, but everyone seemed pleased, so at least there’s that.

I’m told my workflow is a bit slow, and they really need me to switch from Blender to Zbrush. I’m so used to modeling everything in blender, I never even explored any of the more utilized modeling programs, like ZBrush. Justin showed me the basics, and it was really eye-opening to me! It’s a bit hard to explain, but if I had to try, in terms of modeling Maya and Blender are like using MSPaint while Zbrush is like using Photoshop. That’s a bit of a harsh comparison, but it should give you the general idea! Once I manage to get more comfortable with it, my workflow should be a lot faster since I don’t have to worry technically as much as I do artistically.