Journal #03

Field trip! This week Mike called us all together to see work from small time artists at an event called “Animation Nights New York”. They featured animated shorts from artists all over the world, all for exposure so animators can receive the credit they deserve for their work. A cause I can rightfully get behind! They also feature VR events, which we’ll all be attending as well in about three weeks.

We all had a pretty good time, and even got a few new good ideas! We talked about the shorts and what techniques they used and how we can incorporate it in our work. It felt really good to be able to have such a long conversation about such technical things. Usually, I feel like I can’t discuss this stuff with anyone because no one knows what the hell I’m talking about.

The rest of the week I spent my time working on simple robots and gadgets. They were really pleased with my work. However, they said they would like me to work a bit faster since it’s just concerting right now. They asked me if I ever used a program called Zbrush. I’m aware of the program, but it’s so daunting I never gave it a shot. Basically, it’s like using clay instead of traditional wire frames. They told me that they would like me to start learning the program with Justin, our other modeler, next week to speed things up.